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Thread: Tuning Box

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    Cool Tuning Box

    Ordered a tuning box for the car yesterday. Hope they are as good as people say they are. I got one of these as there is no computer retuning available anywhere near me. Will let you all know how it goes.

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    what the hell is a tuning box and who are these people that say they are good????

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    Diesel tuning boxes. Alters the diesel line presure and fuel timing for increasd power.

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    Hope it goes well. Keen to hear your results.

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    Got the tuning box yesterday. Will be a good boy and wait till the weekend to intall and 'test' it. Results to come!!

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    The box is in and running.....and boy does it make a difference!! Don't have exact power increase figures yet, but wow you can feel it.

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    After encountering a persistant problem with the Drake2 box is no longer fitted to the car (hasn't been for a while now). Every time it was plugged in, the DPF system would start up and constantly clean. The last time I had it connected to the car the DPF cleaning went for 3 days straight, then I removed it. After emailing the company many times explaining whats going on, all I keep getting back from them is 'our product works fine with DPF'. Then when I reply with that it obviously doesn't work properly on my vehicle and I would like a replacement or a refund. Haven't heard from them since, it's been about a month since the last email. Not real good customer service considering its 2 year guarentee. So I am asking all others reading this not to purchase any tuning box from these people and also warn your friends who may be thinking of buying one aswell.

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    Guys, can you tell me where I can get a quality and affordable tuning box? I am having trouble looking for oem auto parts stores. I would appreciate your advice. Thanks!

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    I have a 1.8 ecco. I just bought RCG Galaxy off ebay, yes ebay. It cost me $200 AUD. All of his feedback was exceptional even from German Buyers fitting them to prestige cars. I translated their feedback to check on this seller. The company is all european. I ordered it on a Frid and it arrived Mon morning from Northern Ireland. Now I am in Australia, half way around the globe. I was impressed. You can see it has a microprocessor inside and is well built. The case is a little transparent. The instructions state to run it in for a 160 miles or so once it is plugged in and synced. ( Easy process ) The 1st thing i noticed was the engine sounded quieter. When I drove it, immediately the gear changes were smoother and it had a little more torque down low. Every time I drove it, it got a little more powerful and smoother. After 60 miles or so, I was impressed with the gains but after another 60 I was very very surprised of how the car drove. It is significantly more powerful and it accelerated much better. The power is more linear through the rev range. It is more powerful now with the AC on than before without the chip with no AC. It does everything stated. It is worth noting that even though it was bought off ebay, the company has a legitimate website and from what I here from others is they are more than happy to answer your Qs by email and their customer service is impressive. They also can deliver next day world wide. It spins me out that this product is legit because how many companies make promises yet don't deliver?
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