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09-30-2015, 01:54 PM
Who and what is Soumatrix?
Hey everyone! You might have already heard of us but for those of you that haven't or still don't know who we are here's some information to get you up to speed. We sell upgraded direct fit replacement speakers with one goal in mind to bring you a front and center concert experience inside your vehicle. Our speakers are made in Germany with the best quality parts available to us. What does that mean? And what makes us so special? Well we'll tell you!

Thanks to the strict requirement on resistance of the electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration technology in the auto industry, the vehicle’s radio head-units are really close to audio-fidelity equipment. Nevertheless, the potential of this treasure cannot be fully utilized due to the limitation of the installed standard speakers. Combining the original high efficiency design and years of engineering experience in European home audio systems, Soumatrix presents a high-end OEM speaker series, seamlessly working without distortion, providing unprecedented room acoustics within your vehicle.
Again these are direct fit speakers which means there is no need for cutting wires or buying additional adapters. The housing is meant to fit in just like the original stock speaker and it uses the stock harness making it a simple plug and play. Since our speakers are built to make more efficiency of head-unit power we can also reduce distortion levels. This means it does not take a whole of power to get quality sound. The acoustic of the car can also aid in distortion, our design is made to sync with your car's space. This gives you a full range musical experience that will not only help you enjoy your favorite songs but make you fall in love with your ride all over again. :cool: