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10-07-2012, 11:37 PM
You are probably finding that your mind is processing information a little deeper than usual, and as a result you are noticing many different things.

This is happening to almost everyone, and gradually, just a shamballa pas cher ( bit each day, each of us becomes more aware of change here and now. We are all aware that the attitudes of the general public are changing rapidly.

The change is inevitable, being a sub-conscious reaction to the changing environment. The environment is changing because the vibrations surrounding the earth and the universe are changing. Of course they are if we think about it, because the only thing that doesn't change is change itself. Our scientists are recording unusual sun activity
shamballa jewels (, and magnetic pole variations, and so the fact that our planet is changing is also verified by science.

There is no doubt that we are a product of our environment. So when the environment changes, then we also change, and that is precisely what is happening to us. Our environment is changing and we are changing with it, whether we notice or not.

Some people were open to change before others, and have already progressed to reach some understanding of life under the most recent vibrations, and are now able to report back the effects that we can expect to see..

The only two true emotions of man are love and fear, with all other emotions being a variation of these two. Reports say that the vibrational change is in the direction of love, and away from fear.

Our own personal polarity is changing in line with the shifting shamballa bracelet pas cher (
. We are beginning to reject more of what we fear, and to accept more of what we love. Love is becoming more important to us, and we are rejecting fearful situations and people. Hence the entire planet is having an increase in love vibrations, and so the old fearful ways of thinking are now outdated.

We have all read and probably dismissed stories about Shangri-la, shamballa bracelet (, Utopia and many other mystical places, but they now have more meaning. We see that with reduced fear levels, life becomes totally different in every respect.

We will soon have a total and absolute cessation of war - at last. Far less than one percent of the population think that war is a good idea, yet it is proliferated daily around the entire globe. It will soon stop.

The less-than-one-percent creating this problem are quite clearly insane. They have failed to maintain progress with the planet, and they need to be considered as dangerous people. There are just a few thousand of these war criminals still at large and it must be quite easy for those who are protecting these criminals to see that they are guarding someone who is not completely shamballa bijoux ( We appeal to these bodyguards to protect their fellow sane people, by assisting in restraining these lunatics who are controlling our law enforcement units.

The bodyguards of these crazy people all know each other, and so are able to secretly arrange a time and date, and coordinate the arrests within the same few minutes.

10-30-2012, 06:08 AM
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