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  1. 2011 cruze 1lt temperature display problem

    I bought a 2011 Cruzs 1LT in 12/7/10. After having it for some time and done long trips with it I find it to be very comfortable to drive. It has a solid ride that reminds me a bigger cars. Mileage is very good in the thirties even with the a/c on. In fact it makes very little difference if the a/c is on or off. The only problem that I have found is that the outside temperature display seldom works. I exchanged email with the GM people and then had it tested at Power Chevrolet in Peoria, ...
  2. Chrome Exhausts Tips for Tailpipe

    Time to get some modding on. Been meaning to modify the CRUZE and I'll start with the rear, meaning the tailpipe. I would like a chrome exhaust tip extended on the tailpipe.

    Similar to something like these things:


    TINA Auto features a LOUD-MOUTH chrome tip. I dunno.

    [IMG][/IMG] ...
  3. What are your modification plans in 2011 for your Cruze? Let's hear them!

    [QUOTE=Ken Stockhouse;721]Itís so nice to own Chevy Cruze. And if youíll ask me what are the mods I would like to happen this upcoming year, I would say the music system. Mine does not have USB. I would like to have one so that I could import other songs from my computer down to the player. Just finished browsing an automotive magazine and I foreseen that many owners will change alloys as OEM. The headlamps of the said vehicle is not that effective. Also I would like to modify my bulbs into a better ...
  4. Chevrolet Cruze, is it here to stay?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob View Post
    Is the Chevrolet Cruze here to stay? What is GM's plans for a flagship vehicle for years to come?

    One thing I wonder about GM is if they will keep a compact car in constant production creating massive brand recognition and allowing for more customer loyalty. It's my belief that they need a sub-compact / sports-compact vehicle that is here to stay.
  5. My Cruze in Las Vegas Nevada

    [video=youtube;HndN48FqVds][/video] This is William Mark Clarke. This is my Cruze
    Tags: cruze, las vegas
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