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My Opinion of Chevrolet Cruze vs Chevrolet Cobalt & Pontiac G5 vs Chevrolet Cavalier

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Being a former owner of a Pontiac G5 (which is practically the same thing as the Chevrolet Cruze). I have to admit that it "appeared" to be a nice car but it had its flaws.

The Pontiac G5/Chevrolet Cobalt quality rating, I would give it a 2.5/5 rating...

About the only thing I really liked about it is how EASILY modifiable it was. Also, the performance of the ECOtec motors are NOTHING to complain about. It is very easy to make these cars look quite appealing and decently modified for performance for a minimal price.

Otherwise, my car even had issues STOCK. Oil leaks, 1-2 and 3-2 gear grinds (manual F23 Getrag transmission), cabin noise progressively got louder from 20k to 60k KM.

Granted, I had an 06 and some minor advancements 07-10 could have fixed many of these issues... overall I was happy with modifications but stock or modified, it had its issues (transmission had a full replacement after much arguing with GM).

One thing that I do want to make note of, is this car was leaps and bounds ahead of its previous generation of Cavaliers & Sunfires... and GM has done well with its R&D and testing to advance its vehicles. The Chevrolet Cruze VS Chevrolet Cobalt is another example of leaps and bounds advancement, putting it at the same level, if not further based on price points vs import brands from Japan (Honda, Mazda,etc..)

Although, I have yet to test drive one as they are just now being delivered in limited quantities to GM dealers across North America this week/next week. I do believe the Chevrolet Cruze has a great chance to prove itself. Looking over the production line videos, advancements of noise reduction & sound deadening, it's newly redesigned interior (over the Cobalt one)... I LOVE the look of the interior. I also love the look of the front end but I believe the back end of the Cruze could use some improvement (has yet to grow on me).

The infotainment system on the Cruze looks much more advanced than what you had choices for the Cobalt, the interior looks clean and I can't believe what I see in the videos about the sound deadening. This should make for a real comfortable ride... in my books, this now takes the cake (yes my G5 was heavily modified and droned out by the exhaust, my tastes have changed now!)

My only hope, is that the Chevrolet Cruze will be easy for back yard mechanics (such as myself, who likes to do my own maintenance and what not) and is easily modifiable which will make it desireable for any tuner to purchase or upgrade from their Cavaliers, Cobalts, G5's, Sunfires... etc.



  1. princecasanova's Avatar
    Chevrolet Cruze will be easy for back yard mechanics because it is a decent ride and it can accommodate around 5 persons. it is also sleek in its interiors. My chevy 4x4 is hotter.

  2. justinowell's Avatar
    I think the Chevrolet Cruze is one of the smoothest rides today. Its sport brake disc set allows for effective and efficient braking without the roughness. I recommend this to every driver.

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