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Thread: What kind of mileage does your Chevrolet Cruze get?

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    This last tank, I got 800km out of it. That included driving to work every day, visiting family at Christmas, and 2 trips into the hills to give the car a thrashing. Average of 5.9L per 100km.


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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but the on-board computer says I average 10,2 L/100 km!!! I get about the same with my 2003 Honda Pilot!!!

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    25.8 MPG (U.S. measure) (9.12L/100km, 10.97Km/L) is the normal mileage I get on my 2011 Chevy Cruze Automatic!! And I drive very gently (no hard accelleration) and my communte is about 22 miles a day, half of which is highway driving, and the other half is suburb driving (not heavy city traffic). Also, that is without using air conditioning at all.

    My mileage is HORRIBLE and I cannot figure out why!

    29 MPG (U.S. measure) (8.11L/100km, 12.33Km/L)is the BEST I've gotten by putting the car into neutral and shutting off the car and coasting long distances to stop lights and restarting when it turns green, as well as by using the manual-shift on my automatic transmission.

    Maybe there is something wrong with my specific car???? When the automatic shifts it feels just like a manual transmission, you can feel it tugging quite a bit on accelleration and when slowing down, and when taking off from a stop there is a bit of a lag.

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    Chevy Cruze gas mileage

    Quote Originally Posted by Thommo10 View Post
    I average around 6.3 L / 100kms on the computer with the diesel engine, around 900-950kms on a 60 Litre tank of fuel. Whats that around 40MPG

    450Kms on Highway/Freeway and the rest is around town and the 25 kms to work and back each day !
    I just bought my Cruze 01/11/11. I have a base model with the connectivity package. I am getting an average of 24 MPG city and 31 MPG highway. I went from a 2003 Pontiac Grand Am that was getting 18 mpg overall on a good week. I am loving the gas mileage and the 15 + gallon tank. I get any where from 350 to 420 miles per tank depending on what kind of driving I do.

    I would also like to here feedback on other Chevy Cruze owners.

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    Holden Cruze Diesel Economy

    I do around 80km per day six days a week plus running around to do the weekly shop and a day trip on some sundays. The cars computer says 7.1 L/per 100 Klms. A tank lasts me a week and a half. I have the Holden CDX 6 speed auto 2L diesel turbo. Very happy with it but pissed off about the price of diesel. $1.41 per liter with a discount docket when petrol is $1.30 at the same time. I rember when diesel was always cheaper than petrol. I usually sit on around 120klm/h going to work but it's a slow trudge home most days in peak traffic so I suppose it's about 50/50 highway/city cycle. Usually costs me just under $60 to fill the tank so around $35-$40 a week to run.

    Cheers Marneth

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    Average between 800 and 850kms on average, both to and from work 30kms each way every day, a little around town to shops and back driving and the odd 100km drive each week. Computer now shows about 6.5- 6.8 L L/100kms average ecomony. after last service the Computer reading seems more accurate with the amount of Kilometres I am doing on a tank of diesel.

    Have got 1000 kms before out of a tank, but that was 95% Freeway/Highway driving at around 100-110 km/h (so ideal conditions). Comp showed 5.7 L/ 100kms exactly.

    5 Speed Manual 2.0 Litre Diesel CD Cruze.

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    I just purchased a new 2014 Cruze LTZ with the 1.4 turbo. The mileage is terrible. Driving 65 or less, no jackrabbit starts, coasting, the whole bit, and about the best I can do is around 32-33 highway. It is supposed to get 38 highway, no way that's going to happen. I traded in a 2012 Focus that consistently got 38-42. Consumer report magazine agrees with me. How does General Motors get away with this as they state on the sticker 26 town and 38 highway. I had my dealer check it, and they found nothing wrong. It must be the way they are.

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    I think is the way you drive...if you accelerate and stop too fast that can happen...

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    I have only recently purchased a second hand Cruze 2010 Diesel only had it a couple of weeks(I do a hell of a lot of K's a week going to and from work),overall average Hwy and City(about 25% City) I'm consistently getting 5.4 Litres/100 Kilometres,the first fill I filled it trip computer told me I had 985 kilometres to go,as I fill every day or every second days(hey that's just me)but the last two fills the trip computer has told me I have 1010 Kilometres to the next fill,I haven't as yet ran the tank to when the low fuel light comes on.
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    2011 chevy cruze traction control and stability control lights coming on with loss of power. Been a chevy guy for forty years considering a different make of vehicle sad to say

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