2013 Cruze LS 1.8 acts like it is running out of fuel
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Thread: 2013 Cruze LS 1.8 acts like it is running out of fuel

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    2013 Cruze LS 1.8 acts like it is running out of fuel


    I have searched and cannot seem to find anything related... This just started the other day. 2013 Cruze LS 1.8L had just over 1/4 tank of fuel. My daughter was starting to drive to school when she said the Cruze started surging and wanted to die at an idle. She turned around and came home (luckily not too far away). My wife then drove it to a very close gas station, filled it up, and it seemed fine for a little while. It sat in our driveway for a couple of hours. She went to pick up our other daughter and could not make it and limped it back to the drive way. I got home and started checking things. I can start the car fine. I put it on the floor and it will rev to about 3000 RPM and will stay running for almost a minute, then it seems like it runs out of gas... Anyone ever experience anything similar? Fuel Pump, fuel filter, some sensor? If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance...

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    Did you actually pinpoint what the problem was, Jmaawhaley? My car is running exactly like that.

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    I apologize for not updating this earlier (I was getting pretty frustrated with the whole situation... Once it was fixed, I tried to forget the whole experience). Anyhow, I replaced a crap load of things that did not seem to help (fuel pump, various fuel components, spark plugs, etc.). I replaced the valve cover (Amazon purchase) because of everyone talking about the PCV problem. At first it did not help. I talked to the guys at AutoZone and they said it sounded like the coil pack assembly. Bought one and put it on and it did run better, but not perfect... Finally took it to the dealer and here it was a defective valve cover from Amazon! I was lucky enough to be able to send it back. The dealer replaced the valve cover for about 10X the price of the first one but it is running fine now. So I am not sure if it was a couple of issues or what, but definitely try the valve cover first, but buy a good one (if you are going to try to do it yourself), but it may be the coil pack also. Hope this helps.

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