2013 Holden Cruze component identification
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Thread: 2013 Holden Cruze component identification

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    2013 Holden Cruze component identification

    Hi Brains Trust,

    My 2013 1.6L turbo had an error, so took it to a mechanic who said the valve cover needed replacing due the the PCV diaphragm. The quote was > $1,000 so I decided to make the repair myself. Unfortunately (or stupidly) I have cracked the component in pic on the table. I think it is a PCV valve hose but it's made of hard plastic and does not look like anything I can find in the internet.

    I goes from the inlet manifold to the turbo intake? (the other two pics)

    Can you please confirm the component name so I can order one?


    I found it
    It's a crankcase ventilation pipe, part number 55563097. $25 off ebay or ali or $80 from the dealership

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